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Who Are We?

We are a married couple, both with European family backgrounds who were born & raised in Ecuador, learn about their culture, nature & felt in love with the mega-diverse country. Eventually decided to move back to Europe so we agreed it was a good time to promote the country giving back all it gave us and what we learned from it. 

We want to share with the world the importance of this small country for the planet and all that it has to offer. 

We trusted that a good starting point & audience would be Europe. We truly believe that the world can be a better place and we are confident that the changes must start by protecting the environment, starting with mega-diverse countries with several protected areas like The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Throughout the years we realize the only way of preserving the environment & humanity is by becoming sustainable. 

Along the way we have found fellow & partners who want to join the mission and share the same values with us.

Meet The Team

We are a group of people with a straight-forward mission. We share the same love & passion for Ecuador and want to bring the best it has to offer to the rest of the world. Committed only with the best companies in Ecuador, only the ones who are doing everything the right way, creating products environmentally and socially responsible and by this becoming an inspirational way of living for more companies and consumers in the rest of the world.

Fluent in: Spanish
& English

Gustavo  Marun Cozzarelli

CEO & Co-founder

Founding partner at Harvest of Ecuador AB, visionary agricultural expert. Italian-Ecuadorian nationality, move to Sweden in 2017. Charismatic, inspirational & reliable might be the bigger assets in his personality. Was part of the beginning to develop the brand Chocolate SAN JOSE, which is part of his longtime family business & tradition.

Fluent in: Spanish 
& English

Ana María Contreras Llopart

COO & Co-Founder

Founding partner at Harvest of Ecuador AB, also a visionary with a degree in Business Administration & Global Business. Spanish-Ecuadorian nationality. Reliable & in charge of making things happen. Ecology & Nature has always been the main concern and motivation in her life this is why she fell in love with Sweden in 2017 & can't wait to share all the sustainable products from Ecuador that Sweden and the rest of Europe are missing.

Fluent in: Spanish, English & Swedish


Category Development Specialist

Moved to Sweden in 2014 and loving it. Carries expertise in Channel and Category Development from value added shrimp products to cigars. A Marketing professional with a diplomatic touch. Long related to the aquaculture activities, he is certain that Ecuador produces top of the line shrimp products; willing and able to disseminate all valuable information and assessment to the Nordics.

Fluent in: Spanish, German & English

Karla García

Producer - Coffee Expert

Strategic partner of Harvest of Ecuador AB, owner & CEO of Bruhwer Coffee Farms in Ecuador. Certified as Q Arabica Grader, Barista Professional by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) & has a BA in Culinary Arts. Passionate about coffee & her home-country. Wants to share with us all the knowledge, effort, care & passion invested in her farms and their people behind it, reflected in sustainable and unique coffee as the main result.

Fluent in: Swedish & Spanish

Carlos Santillan

Sales Representative STHLM

Moved to Sweden in 2007, instantly fell in love with the country and as a gratitude wants to give back and share all the unique products that Ecuador has to offer for Sweden & to the world. 

Fluent in: Spanish & English

Jorge Marún Ramírez

Producer - Cocoa Expert

Strategic partner of Harvest of Ecuador AB, owner & CEO of Hacienda San Jose - Pongarbel in Ecuador. Agronomy Engineer from Zamorano University, with a Master's degree in Agro-industry from Gainesville and Monterrey Tech. President of Aprocafa in Ecuador (Association of Cocoa Farmers of the country). Wants to share through us all the knowledge, effort, care & passion that takes to harvest sustainable cocoa from his 5th generation farm & family business HACIENDA SAN JOSE, always caring for the environment and the community around it.