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Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast & Galapagos

In Ecuador you will find the most beautiful volcanoes in the andes region, the exuberant and infinite wild life in the amazon rainforest, kilometers of always sunny beaches and the living reflection of the evolution in the Galapagos islands.

All you need is one place: A country with 4 worlds in the middle of the planet, a bio-diverse, magical compact place… like no other with diverse micro-weather & altitudes; perfect for growing different kinds of crops with the minimal consumption of natural resources and a biodynamic team-work with their amazing environment and their people.


Here you can learn more about this amazing country and the biodiversity that makes it unique.

People & THEIR Living QUALITY 

Ecuador a developing country and Latin America's #1 highest salary making product quality their only competitive assets.

WAGE & Purchase Capacity

The minimum wage can be compared globally in several countries by applying the PPP methodology (Purchasing Power parity) that allows handling dollars with the same value among countries (one dollar can't buy the same amount of goods or services in different countries). According to this measurements Ecuador has the highest wage in the region, and this partially influences in better life conditions for the population.