Fri Frakt i alla Sverige från 550kr


Privately owned company with a deep passion for coffee who have forged a solid relationship with coffee farmers in Ecuador, paying a premium in order to motivate and substantiate their cost of harvesting quality coffee and with this promote the community growth and progress of all their workers and their families.

Unlike other coffee suppliers, they do not depend on purchasing processed coffee from various sources and then reselling it. They process their own coffee, guarantying consistency and a steady supply source. 


 "Bruhwer Farm", is located in Loja Province, in a town called "Quilanga" in altitudes between 1900-2000m above sea level.

Their other two processing plants are located in Zamora Chinchipe Province. One of them is located in "La Jalca" and the other in "Chito" as well as their Chito Farm of Typica varietal; both of them are in altitudes between 1300 and 1700 m above sea level.

With such diverse locations we can offer a variety of coffee characteristics from fruity and acidic, to chocolate & nutty flavors.