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Hacienda San José  

Hacienda San José is a cocoa plantation that has been recognized and awarded for having the highest quality beans in Ecuador. These beans are known for their fine aroma and distinguished nutty flavors which are the foundation for our exquisite chocolate. Made by Ecuadorian hands, harvested, fermented and dried using our unique process that has been handed down for 5 generations. 

Fermentation Process of San José Beans:

It is during the fermentation process that our award winning dark chocolate flavor is created: creamy and nutty, with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.  As soon as the cocoa is harvested on our farm, it is carefully drained and pre-dried to ensure we have the exact amount of pulp covering the bean needed for the perfect fermentation. During the fermentation, the temperature is carefully controlled.  As an extra step to ensure there are absolutely no traces of acidity, the beans are laid out in the sun for the final stages of drying. This unique process creates an almost almond colored bean.