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We hand select, import and distribute goods produced in a sustainable & responsible environment.


We have forged a solid relationship with farmers who share our same values

Meet The Farmers


Products from a country with 4 worlds in the middle of the planet, a bio-diverse, magical compact place… like no other.

Ecuador's Megadiversity

Sustainable, Social & Environmental Responsible With Transparency & Complete Traceability


Vision & Mission

We select sustainable farmers who work in a social & environmental responsible manner. 
Sustainability is the reason we started our business and have a deep belief that is the path to making a real change in the world. 
We offer single origin coffee, chocolate & dried fruits from Ecuador. Our company's highest values ​​are: 
Transparency, Sustainability & Social responsibility and to make sure we achieve this we can only work directly with the farmers who share the same values ​​as us. 
With us, you will have direct communication with the farmer & producer. Learn more about their practices, values, how they care for the environment and their people and become a part of this mission.

Farmers & Partners

We have forged a deep-solid relationship with farmers who are making the difference in the world by producing & harvesting in a sustainable & socially responsible environment, leaving the lowest footprint possible in the world.

Sustainable Farmer Chocolatier
Family owned business with 100 years of tradition in harvesting cocoa & now introducing their own brand of chocolate from their selected cocoa.

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Sustainable Coffee Farmer
Family owned business, coffee passionate. Owner of 3 farms located on different regions of the country with different altitudes, as a result of different profiles and types of beans.

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Hand-Selected products from sustainable farmers  
Bulk products without a trademark harvested & produced by sustainable farmers with unique quality.

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70% & 80% Chocolate bar + Nibs



70% & 80% + Macadamia nötter chocolate bar 50g

Naturally Dried Bananas 260g Naturally Dried Bananas 260g

Naturally Dried Bananas 260g

50.00 SEK
I lager.
Freeze-Dried Cacao Pulp (40g) Freeze-Dried Cacao Pulp (40g)

Freeze-Dried Cacao Pulp (40g)

55.00 SEK
I lager.
Banana Praline Kit Banana Praline Kit

Banana Praline Kit

450.00 SEK
I lager.