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Harvest of Ecuador - Hand Selected Line

We also support small & medium farmers, who are only dedicated to production as bulk without a brand, still adjusting to the same values ​​that move us as a company: Sustainability, social & environmental responsible with transparency.

Hand Selected Products

We provide bulk products from companies without a trademark, specially crafted in a sustainable environment & selected by us to fulfill the role of a main ingredient to create other amazing products.

Cacao Butter

Natural & Deodorized cocoa butter from single origin & sustainable cacao growers.

Perfect for cosmetics, baking, vegan option for butter & Fat.

Slow-Dried Banana

Slow-dried Bananas from single origin plantations. 100% Natural. No sugar added. Vegan & Sustainable.

Cacao Nibs

Single Origin Cacao Nibs. Already fermented ready to use for Bean-To-Bar producers, baking, praline makers and more.

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